How to block an ip address on TP link router

Hello Friends,

Do you want to know block a specific Ip address on the router? or you are unable to block the IP. I will explain here. Before describing the points, I would like to discuss you for block the IP.

Why do we want to block specific IP address?

It’s very simple to answer here that you want not to open unwanted websites. For Instance,  If you have your family,  you would like to close porn websites or phishing websites or what you want to block the websites.  Today’s time,  mostly children utilize their time on the internet to play the online games or to study.  Unwanted website links appear while playing the game or studying. whenever these links may be clicked by anybody in your family either your children or family member. So to keep away from such kind of websites, block Ip address on the router.

To block specific IP Address on your router:

To access the internet, open the web browser and enter the ip in the address bar and then enter.

Router setup page displays on your window screen

Enter credential details in username and password.

username: admin and password: admin.. click on the enter button.

Advance button will be appearing on the top of page

Go to Network>advance routing

After clicking on advance routing option, Static routing windows will be shown.

Click on Add button will be showing on the right corner of static routing window.

After clicking on the add button, next window will show on your screen.

fill up the following information in that window.

Network Destination:

Subnet mask:

Default Ip address <your router ip address> eg:

interface: LAN

Description: Google1

Click on Save button.

Please repeat the above steps.

Network Destination:

Subnet mask:

Default Ip address <your router ip address> eg:

interface: LAN

Description: Google2

Click on Save button.

It’s up to you which streaming service has to use to add more few IPs. Please contact the express VPN support

if you are a window user

open your command prompt

or you are a mac user

open your terminal

Type: ping  and ping

The ping tests should fail (e.g. “Timed Out” or “Destination Host Unreachable”). If you get a response, check you have performed the steps above correctly. If the problem persists, reboot your router and repeat the steps above.
Once you see the ping tests fail:
Turn off your routerUnplug it from the power source
Wait for 30 seconds
Plug in your router
Turn on your router

Now you have successfully blocked unwanted IPs/

Thanks for Reading

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