How To Clear The Event Logs On Modem Router

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Do you know How to Clear The Event Logs  On Modem Router? If not, Today, I will explain all required steps which you need to follow.

Let’s  come on the topic.

To Clear Or View The Events Logs On Modem Router

  • Open the web browser on your computer or mobile device that is connected to your network.
  • Enter
  • Enter router’s login and password

Username: Admin

Password: password and click on login button.

These credentials are case sensitive and the router’s dashboard displays.

  • Select Advanced>administration>Event Log
  • The Event log page contains  Time,  Priority and Description.

Time:  In the time event,  log entry was added,  It shows the correct time after your cable modem router successfully connected to cable internet service provider’s network.

Priority: The Rapidity of  the event log entry

Description: It shows a description of the event log entry.

  •  Refresh the log page, click on the refresh button
  •  To Clear the log page, Click on the Clear log button


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