How To Remotely Access Your Netgear Router Genie

How To Remotely Access Your Netgear Router Genie

In this article, I am gonna tell you simple steps to get remote access to your Netgear router, that you would able to easily access your router remotely.

Before starting the steps you must have some important things

  • Wired or wireless computer and web browsers
  • Latest version of Netgear Desktop Genie

Let’s come to the following steps:

  • First, you need to install the Netgear Desktop Genie on your local computer and Go to Netgear Official website to download the Netgear desktop genie software
  • Open the Netgear Desktop genie on your computer that is connected to the router.
  • Click on Router setting and select Remote Access for Login as

Note:  In case, It’s automatically logged in after selecting on router setting, you just click on log out button to login main screen.

  • Click on Sign-up to create your Netgear remote genie account.
  • Filled the required text field and click on create.
  • Click on ok after completing the registration.
  • As you complete the registration then A confirmation mail would be sent to your mail account. Open your mail and confirm your email account with that link.
  • Go back to the Desktop genie on your system.
  • Login to Genie account with your confirmed mail
  • To Register, the device click on Ok or you click on the register button.
  • Once you registered, click on log out button.
  • Use your remote computer (that must be connected to the outside of the network) and open the Netgear desktop genie software.
  • Click on Router settings and using your remote genie account.
  • Once you logged in remote genie account, there will be showing a cloud icon on the right corner of desktop genie window,  Now you able to manage the feature of the router.

Now, you can easily manage all featured options of the router and edit the wireless setting.

Whatever you want to change the settings and edit. you can easily do and after modifying the settings then log out to exit remote access.

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