How to Remotely Access My Netgear Router From Computer

How to Remotely Access My Netgear Router From Computer

In this article, I will discuss how to enable remote access to my Netgear router from your windows computer. As I have mentioned in prior article “HOW TO REMOTELY ACCESS YOUR NETGEAR ROUTER GENIE”, after completing all those steps, next point comes How can I remotely access my netgear router from computer.  Let’s move ahead for this discussion.

Have you registered with remote access genie yet or not?  if didn’t get registered, Please get registered your router with your account after that you can enter into router ‘s control panel.

How To Remotely Access Your Netgear Router From Computer

  • Connect your pc or Wi-Fi device to different Wi-fi network
  • Click on the genie icon in your pc or in the windows taskbar The Home screen displays
  • Select on the router setting
  • The router login displays from the Login as menu  Select remote access
  • Put your remote genie email id and password in the text fields and click on OK button.

There will be showing cloud icon in the wireless settings which indicates you can manage the router through remote handling.

Check at the bottom of wireless settings, please make sure that your remotely manage should be selected in the router model menu to access your router anywhere from your computer.

Go to refresh button on the router settings.


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