How to Find Router IP Address On Mac

How to Find Router IP Address on Mac

find a router Ip address in Mac

In this article, we explain “How to Find A Router IP Address On Mac”. If you are using Mac O/s  connected to your router.  It’s very simple way to get a router IP address by using system preference in OS.

There are following steps :

  1. Go to Apple menu to open System preference
  2. Put your cursor on ‘ Internet & Wireless ‘ section, Click on “ Network Preference”
  3. Select “Wi-Fi” and Click on “Advance button, it will be visible on right corner in that window wizard.
  4. Go to “Top choice” section and select “TCP/IP”
  5. The router IP address will be showing in numerical such as:




Old versions of Mac OS X have not shown any information through system preferences whereas new versions of OS X have shown all detailed network data and troubleshooting.

You have multiple options to uncover the router’s IP address through Wi-Fi menu and it only works for uncovering a router IP in a Wireless network whether wired router or wireless network router.


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