How to Hide Your Wireless Network

How to Hide Your Wireless Network

In this article, we will share how to hide your wireless network. As we all know, while taking internet connection, we have to pay worthy money to Internet service provider but it’s common to extend its reach by adding a wireless router or a wireless access point. The first time, when you start broadcasting wireless access, however, who outsiders are near to you, they can easily pick up your wireless signals. If you don’t have any idea to hide the network, the wireless internet leech will use your internet access while you pay the bill.  Those people who live around you. They won’t be the problem to connect your wireless network and will kill your bandwidth while you pay the bill. But you no need to worry about it.

Following steps to hide  your wireless network

Step1:  Turn on WPA2 Encryption on Your Wireless Router

Go into wireless router’s manual.

Enable WPA2 encryption on your wireless router.

If you have already done it and are using outdated vulnerable WEP encryption. I let you describe here that WEP is easily hacked by different free tools whereas WPA2 encryption to set a strong password for your network.


Step2: Hide Your Wireless Network: SSID name which you provide your wireless network

Change this name which is usually set the brand name (i.e.  Linksys, Netgear, D-link. Etc. ).

Giving different name helps to protect against hackers and leeches from finding vulnerabilities associated with your brand router.  It means your SSID  name is showing as your router brand name, a hacker may find the way to crack the password because they have directory names with different brand name. They know which brand router name can use what type of password. So let give the SSID name randomly.

Turn Off the Allow Admin via Wireless

This feature will help you to prevent a wireless hacker from accessing control of your wireless router and directly connected via an Ethernet cable.  It would be very tough to access the admin console of your router.  When you complete this process to hide the network,  your neighbors won’t able to access your network.


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