How to Hack Wi-Fi Using Android Devices

How to Hack Wi-Fi Using Android Devices

It’s very interesting topic for those people who want to use the internet without any paying money to a service provider. Here, I will describe you all steps to crack the Wi-Fi password. I want to tell you something before it. Hackers began the practice of hacking a few years ago, and target every devices and network and Android devices are the most popular tool for hacking.  They target Wi-Fi networks due to their popularity. The combination of Android and Wi-Fi makes an extremely common and powerful hacking platform.


Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester:

This app supports only Android 5.0 or above version. First, you install this app and after the complete installation, refresh the page.This app will automatically scan all the available Wi-Fi networks in your area. Mostly, today’s users set the password on their device either personal device or router.  This app supports in that case when the user doesn’t set the password on their device.

Andro Dumper App :

Firstly, you can download from that link and needn’t do anything. This app will automatically detect most vulnerable networks in your surroundings and can easily to access internet on these weak security networks.



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