What Is Travel Wireless Router

What Is Travel Wireless Router

A travel router is known as broadband routers manufactured for people who need to access the internet while traveling.

Traits of Travel Routers

Travel routers hold several traits that differentiate them from other broadband routers.

Compact size:  There are many travel routers with little inches available in the market which can easily manage into your pocket.  It’s  very convenient to carry from one place to another place.

Battery:  Travel routers are designed in chargeable battery that allows the routers to be used for few hours without any external power backup.

Tethering capability:  To be connected online when wireless hotspot services are not available, a travel router accesses the internet via a tethered Smartphone. High –end mobile routers incorporate a built-in cellular modem that eliminates the need for tethering.


Wi-Fi Client Support:  Which are advanced travel routers can join hotspot as a Wi-Fi client and give access to other clients via its own built-in access point.

Normally Uses for Travel Routers:

It’s simply mean Smartphone. It can be used to:

  • Share a connection with your family with one paid internet connection.
  • Reach the internet in areas where there is only cellular service.
  • Reach the internet in rural areas.
  • Stay connected anywhere.

Most manufacturers are making devices by their own brand name such as Jio-Fi, Huawei, Linksys, Novatel.


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